How Each Zodiac Sign Expresses Love, Per Astrology

Aries – Admires you Only those who inspire Aries to become better in their personal and professional life are attractive to them. If Aries like you, they will compliment you.

Taurus – Fiercely loyal Since they first understood what the word "love" meant, Taurus has yearned to experience it. As a result, they usually find their forever home quite early in life.

Gemini – Most Caring A Gemini is the kindest person in terms of love. They'll prepare your favorite dishes, lend you a sympathetic ear when you're upset, take the time to hear you out, and always wish you a good day.

Cancer – Very Affectionate Cancers are always on the verge of falling in love because they are so sensitive and emotionally intense. They will feel uneasy and avoid you like the plague if they suspect they are falling in love with you.

Virgo – Smooth lover Leos are highly expressive individuals. They will let you know if they are in love with you. When it comes to this fire sign, there is no pretension.

Libra – Woos you You'll appreciate Virgo's laid-back demeanor. They will have you in the palm of their hand before you ever realize they are courting you.

Scorpio – Grand gestures As a result of their reserved nature, Scorpio will take their time opening up to you. They are not someone to be trusted and have a history of being highly evasive about their genuine emotions.

Scorpio – Grand gestures Scorpio will take a while to open up to you because of how guarded they are. They are not always trustworthy and can be very evasive about their genuine feeling

Sagittarius – Adventurous Pledges aren't something Sagittarians believe in maintaining. Therefore, if you were able to make them calm down, that suffices as proof. An independent zodiac sign often feels constrained and stuck in relationships, so don't be shocked if they yearn for some alone time.

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