How Gemini People Are Misunderstood?

Many people assume that Geminis have many personalities or are “two persons” because the “Twins” represent their sign.

The twins, people say, have a flirtatious streak in them. They are often called out because of this. Geminis often flirt harmlessly and for fun. 

Many people often say that Gemini is wishy-washy because they can quickly shift opinions and get distracted easily.

When it comes to talking about Gemini most obvious trait, people often say that they are unreliable and cannot be trusted.

Because of their flirtatious, outgoing and energetic nature, people often call them superficial.

A lot of times, Gemini are straight-up called aloof or cold-hearted. This is because they do not wear their hearts on their sleeves.

As a result, their loved ones often feel like they do not have feelings. However, in reality, they do care about people who are close to them.

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