How much do NFL practice squad players get paid

Many athletes who did not make an NFL 53-man roster are still licking their wounds following Tuesday's cut.

It's a brutal reality that an unfortunate few must face as their professional football ambitions come to an end.

Sixteen players have joined the practice squad. There are a few players who did not make the roster who still have a chance to be a part of the club,

however they will not be playing on Sundays or going on road trips with the team. It's a bittersweet bargain for those cut during the preseason, 

 but the practice squad allows players who didn't make the 53-man roster to continue playing football while getting paid.

The practice squad is a far cry from the fame and money of playing on Sundays, but for many players who live, eat, and breathe football

it's an opportunity to get compensated for doing what you love while also attracting the attention of coaches.

NFL teams can sign up to 16 practice squad players. This number climbed from 12 before the 2020 season when COVID disrupted the league's plans

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