How Your Zodiac Sign's Deals With Divorce

The way people react to a breakup is one of the best examples of astrology in action.

There are those who wallow and cry a lot, as well as those who move on practically instantly. Each of the many,

deeply unique post-breakup emotions is a great match for a certain sign of the zodiac.

Of course, a lot of circumstances, such as how and why the relationship ended, affect how you feel after a breakup.

A significant distinction must also be made between being dumped and initiating the breakup. In either case, a breakup signifies the end of a relationship,

which can be difficult to deal with. It could trigger feelings of betrayal, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

It could make you feel depressed and alone. And since you won't be living with or seeing

your spouse frequently, it nearly invariably entails completely rearranging your routine.

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