How Zodiac Sign Deals With Friend Drama

Whether friend drama is occurring in person or in a group chat, each zodiac sign responds to it differently.

Then, of course, there are those who instantly grab some popcorn and watch it all unfold.

There are those who step in to play the role of therapist. There are those who watch silently from the sidelines.

Astrologer Solaris the Hii Priestess asserts that a person's response to friend conflict can be explained by a number of variables,

including their ruling element, planetary influences, and the characteristics of their zodiac sign. She told Bustle that people born under the fire sign of Aries,

Leo, or Sagittarius, for example, "tend to be more passionate and impulsive in their reactions to drama." They are the ones who always need to get engaged, as a hint.

The air signs will also intervene to mediate if there is conflict during a party, you can depend on it.

They are the ones that have the perfect words to correct the situation. In the meantime,

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