Ideal Piercing for Your Zodiac Sign's

Your personality can be inferred from how many piercings you have and the types of piercings you want to obtain.

And that connects to your zodiac sign once more. If your astrological sign is more subdued,

it's likely that you'll be drawn to traditional piercings like lobes and second holes, as well as possibly a delicate nose ring.

You'll hear the call of the belly button ring if your chart is more daring and imaginative.

Astrologer Solaris the Hii Priestess claims that as body piercings are a form of self-decoration, they exhibit your personality.

According to her, "a septum piercing, for instance, can be interpreted as a symbol of adventure and a willingness to step outside of conventional norms."

It might represent someone who values uniqueness and isn't scared to stand out.

Less well-known piercings, such as shark bites or eyebrow rings, are appropriate for some zodiac signs because they are more daring or trendy with their fashion.

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