If someone displays these 12 traits, they’re really draining to be around

Indeed, encounters with exhausting individuals can leave us mentally and emotionally drained.

Understanding the traits that make someone an energy drain can help us recognize these individuals and make informed decisions about our interactions.

Here are some common traits of people who can be exhausting to be around:

Constant Negativity: Individuals who consistently focus on the negative aspects of life, complain incessantly, and see problems in every situation can be emotionally draining. Their pessimism can sap your energy and enthusiasm.

Drama Magnet: Some people seem to attract drama wherever they go. They thrive on conflict and chaos, and being around them can be emotionally exhausting due to the constant drama they create or attract

Narcissism: Self-centered individuals who constantly seek attention, validation, and admiration can drain your energy

Chronic Victim Mentality: People who always see themselves as victims and refuse to take responsibility for their actions can be draining.

Boundary Violators: Those who consistently cross your boundaries, whether through invasive questions, disrespectful behavior, or overstepping personal space, can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted.

Manipulative Behavior: Manipulative individuals who use guilt, emotional manipulation, or passive-aggressiveness to control others can be incredibly draining.

Energy Vampires: Some people seem to suck the positivity and energy out of any room they enter.

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