In 2024, Stanford and UC Berkeley will join the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Atlantic Coast Conference will welcome Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley in 2024, it was announced on Friday morning.

Following an invitation from the ACC, Stanford claims that the academic achievement of its student-athletes as well as their wellbeing remained

an important aspect throughout the process. To ensure that travel does not interfere with the academic achievement of their players, the institution is coordinating scheduling with the ACC.

The ACC affords Stanford the opportunity to continue providing student-athletes with the chance to seek their maximum academic and athletic potential on a national scale.

Richard Saller, president of Stanford University, said, "We appreciate the committed efforts of Commissioner

Jim Phillips and the leaders of the ACC member universities to establish this encouraging route forward.

"We made this decision in the best interests of our student-athletes, the university, and our extended Cal community of alumni and supporters," stated Chancellor Carol T.

Christ. As we anticipate many more years of contending for The Stanford Axe, we look forward to supporting the Golden Bears in their new conference home.

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