Is it a love marriage or an arranged marriage? According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries-Love and Marriage Fans Aries are fiery and passionate. They love spontaneity and excitement.

Taurus Supports Traditional Marriage Tauruses prioritize security and stability. Practicality and dependability define them.

Geminis wish for love and marriage Curiosity and adaptability define Geminis. They enjoy intellectual stimulation and variety. 

Cancerians Believe in Arranged Marriage Cancerians care for family. They value emotional and lasting bonds.

Leos love marriage. Leos are charismatic and confident. They need attention and praise. 

Virgo supports arranged marriage Virgos are sensible and meticulous. They like order and structure.

Libra—I Love Marriage Dreamers Libras value harmony and beauty. They seek equilibrium in everything, even relationships. 

Wedding on lovely farm Scorpios are passionate and intense persons who believe in arranged marriages.

Sagittarians love marriage. Free-spirited Sagittarians are adventurous. They want new experiences and excitement. 

Capricorn supports traditional marriage Capricorns' ambition and discipline are strong. They value stability and long-term ambitions.

Love-Marriage Dreamers Aquarius Aquarians think differently and care for others. They seek partners who share their world-improvement vision.

Pisces = Arranged Marriage Believers Pisceans are kind and sensitive. They crave emotional and spiritual peace. 

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