Items to Avoid Keeping Near Your Sleeping Bed

Astrology warns against keeping electronic gadgets near your bed, like as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. 

Mirrors in the bedroom can reflect both positive and negative energy. 

While indoor plants are recognized for cleansing the air and beautifying your environment, some plants are not appropriate for the bedroom.

Astrologers stress the importance of keeping a clutter-free bedroom. 

Water features such as aquariums or fountains can be relaxing, but their placement is important in astrology. 

Keeping broken or damaged stuff near your bed represents stagnated energy and unfulfilled ambitions, according to astrology.

While many people keep religious or spiritual artifacts in their bedrooms for personal reasons, astrology advocates keeping these items in a separate holy space. 

Astrology teaches us that unfinished work, such as a desk cluttered with tasks, can create a subconscious sense of unease.

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