Jeff Sims, the quarterback for Nebraska, stated after his debut that he needed to make better decisions.

Minneapolis— Nebraska's offense showed everyone how it would play when the Matt Rhule era began throughout a month of training camp. 

Old school. The Huskers beat teams by grinding them down and gaining yards. 

 They ran the ball and won the line of scrimmage in a Big Eight-style brawl.

Rhule and offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield lower passing game expectations. 

 The aim was for it to complement the ground game rather than drive the offense. On Wednesday, it was less.

The Huskers performed well on the ground. Nebraska's attack relied on quarterback Jeff Sims, who ran hard and kept the ball on designed runs.

Running backs Gabe Ervin and Anthony Grant discovered O-line openings.

The Gators won't recover from two straight losses if Mertz has to carry them.

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