Kyle Shanahan admits the 49ers made a mistake in trading draft picks for Trey Lance.

Trey Lance was dealt to the Dallas Cowboys last week, ending his 49ers career.

The Niners traded assets to draft Lance third overall in 2021. Lance's short college playing time contributed to the team's criticism.

It was likely a total accident. Many defensive players were confused.At least they had a two-man edge inside the five-yard line. 

Lance struggled in San Francisco for two years, and the trade indicated that the gamble to draft the young quarterback backfired.

Kyle Shanahan, Niners head coach, finally admitted drafting Lance.On KNBR 680 radio, Shanahan called the draft choice a "mistake." 

He added that the 49ers made the decision based on the seasoned free agent quarterback market."When you move up and fail, that's a mistake," Shanahan added. 

"We liked our choices when we looked at the two veterans, but we didn't receive it. We knew how to proceed two years later.

We needed to get a quarterback then."Lance only appeared in eight NFL games in his first two seasons.

His young career has been marred by injuries.7th-round pick Brock Purdy started games late in 2022, leading the team to the NFC championship.Shanahan,

in his seventh season as Niners coach, was optimistic about the team's future and Lance's Cowboys career. 

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