Leo Compatibility: Ranking the Best and Worst Zodiac Partners for Leos

Scorpio is not Leo's finest mate. The zodiac's two ultimate power signs symbolize the conflict between wanting to be loved and feared. Scorpios are the reverse of Leos, who desire attention (the sun rules them).

Leo and Scorpio

Pisces are empaths because their intuition connects them to the world and vibratory patterns we can't see. Leos are grounded in reality and want someone to share it. 

Leo and Pisces

Cancers admire powerful, domineering personalities—especially one as dashing and charming as Leo—but they require layers of emotional depth to trust a mate. Leos speak what they mean, sometimes without the Cancer's sensitivity. 

Leo and Cancer

Bulls and lions appreciate luxury and pampering. How does that compare to these two Leos? Taureans appreciate nice things for pleasure, whereas Leos like them for attention. 

Leo and Taurus

Leos and Capricorns are ambitious. Leo says, “If I stay true to myself, good things will fall into place,” and Capricorn says, “Yeah, but we need a spreadsheet, five-year projections and you need to zip up that fly.” 

Leo and Capricorn

Despite being more introverted than the zodiac's lion, Virgos are perfectionists who go the additional mile to show their spouses their devotion. 

Leo and Virgo

Aquarius is more reserved than Leo, yet they both love ideas. Aquarians and Leos are both opinionated and enjoy a lively debate, especially about politics. 

Leo and Aquarius

Good taste unites Libra and Leo, honey. Their love language is nicer goods. It's about gratifying their inherent enthusiasm for art, beauty, and luxury, not just spending a lot. 

 Leo and Libra

They get Leos. Sometimes only they realize how much love they have to give. This duo will reveal each other's genuine identities. Leos are always trying to get to know the real you behind the carefully crafted Instagram selfies (no “Gatsbying” here). 

Leo and Leo

The pair is headstrong but typically on the same page. Fire signs Aries and Leo love extravagant gestures and respect each other's go-getter romance. Avoid 72 hours of unclear texting before a second date or “orbiting” without an end. 

 Leo and Aries

The fire sign Sagittarius is one of Leo's finest partners due to their incredible physical chemistry. These two are energetic and loving like golden retrievers. 

Leo and Sagittarius

This is a brave choice considering zodiac compatibility is normally determined by element first (fire signs are always No. 1 for other fire signs, etc.). However, the combination of air sign Gemini and fire sign Leo may be the finest zodiac match for Leo. 

Leo and Gemini