Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage? As Per Your Zodiac Sign

In today's world, where everything is changing quickly, the idea of marriage has also changed.

In many countries, it has been common for parents and elders to choose a life partner for their children. This is called an arranged marriage. 

 On the other hand, love marriages, in which two people choose each other because they like each other, 

have become very common. But have you ever thought about how your horoscope sign 

 might affect whether you want to marry for love or because it was set up for you? 

 Come with us on a trip through the universe as we look into the interesting link between astronomy and your marriage choices.

People who are Aries are known for being fiery and emotional. They like to be surprised and have fun.

 So, they are more likely to get married for love, where they can follow their hearts and act on whims