Makenzie and Malia Fowler, sisters, effortlessly combine pop culture with haircare.

Makenzie and Malia Fowler are the internet-famous sisters.

The Fowlers, born a year and a day apart, have spent their late teens and early 20s sharing their natural hair journey

 on TikTok and YouTube through extensive instructions and "get ready with me" videos.

The two just became Briogeo's 10-year anniversary campaign's new faces and started their podcast Big Sis Energy,

where they discuss curly haircare and keeping true to yourself. I met Makenzie and Malia before their debut podcast episode and heard they have more for their audience. 

See the sisters' favorite protective styles, beauty tips, product must-haves, and more. 

Malia: What a great question! I learned curly hair through YouTube and social media. Because our mom has diverse hair textures, she constantly straightened it as a child. 

Makenzie: We're five years in. She was 16 and I was 15. We used heat to straighten our hair from sixth grade until our freshman year of high school. 

I used to straighten my hair daily before school to make it pin straight. Being around peers with straight hair made me feel strange and insecure about my hair. But now I love being different. Beautiful!