Michael Irvin's lawsuit might reach $100 million after new developments.

The Michael Irvin lawsuit, already lucrative, might now reach $100 million.

To sum up, Irvin was accused of inappropriate behavior at a Mariott hotel during Super Bowl week. He was withdrawn from coverage and suspended by ESPN.

Irvin claimed $100 million in damages, but that sum will certainly rise. A fourth relief claim features damaging language that could help him.

Irvin sued the employee who implicated him, claiming that everything was planned to 'evilly' destroy his career.

Front Office Sports reports that Irvin's Marriott case won't go to trial until mid-2024.

Irvin's team believes it has evidence that the defendant lied about the wide receiver and that she did it to damage him.

This case began in February and has been lengthy. 

For five months, Irvin has been unable to work.

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