Most Diplomatic Zodiac Sign

Cancer is highly empathetic and intuitive, two traits necessary for diplomacy. "They're very mindful of what they say, so they don't hurt anyone's feelings,

Aquarius sometimes fumbles in social situations, but their drive to create a more idealistic and accepting future makes them a strong contender for the most diplomatic signLuckiest day of the week: August 29

"Pisces are the most intuitive sign in the zodiac pinwheel, and often review body language, physical habits, and word habits


Virgos are some of the best at organizing, facilitating, and bringing ideas into motion. "They have a knack for viewing things from a sensible yet understanding point of view

Capricorn is the earth sign with the highest ability to balance the serious with the whimsical, which makes them extraordinary visionaries who are still grounded in reality.Luckiest day of the week: August 28

Always viewing both sides of the coin, and trying to balance the scales, they're efficient leaders and often get into politics or start non-profit organizations to embody their love of equality

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