Most Googled Female Athlete Under 25 Years Old: Olivia Dunne

Recent Google trends show that Olivia Dunne, age 20, is the most-searched female athlete in the under-25 demographic. 

The gymnast and internet sensation has amassed a huge following thanks to her charisma and enthusiasm over the past few years.

Dunne has become one of the most popular female athletes thanks to her many successful endeavors. Olivia "Livvy"

Dunne is not only a well-known gymnast, but also a well-known social media celebrity with a massive 15 million followers.

Her regular updates and posts have landed her partnerships and sponsorships with numerous brands.Not only has Dunne's fame increased her net worth by $2.3 million,

But it has also inspired new followers.Sports Book Review, an online news source, recently made an effort to predict the next big thing in women's athletics

 A list of the most-searched female athletes in the United States was provided.

Instagram superstar and TikTok star Olivia Dunne topped the list. Compared to other female athletes of her day, 

such as basketball player Caitlin Clark and tennis star Coco Gauff, Dunne's 550,000 US searches were significantly lower.

There were a total of 368,000 queries in the US for both of them. Over the course of a year, we tracked the search volume.

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