NBA Players Who Scored More Points Than LeBron James And Michael Jordan In The NBA Playoffs Or Finals

The GOAT discussion between LeBron James and Michael Jordan will most likely continue in perpetuity.

We have attempted to break down this dispute in a variety of ways, including utilizing our most accurate methodology and various career comparisons

Now is the moment to try something new. Both of these deserving contenders have excelled in the NBA playoffs during their careers. 

 Only one of them let their opponents or teammates outscore them on a regular basis.

The dispute between Michael Jordan and LeBron James extends far beyond one part of the game, 

But the NBA playoffs and Finals are of a different caliber. Today, we'll look at how many times each of these

NBA luminaries was outscored in the playoffs or the NBA Finals throughout their careers.

When it comes to scoring, Jordan and James are the gold standard in NBA history, with Jordan holding the all-time record for points per game in both the regular season and the playoffs

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