NFL Fans Are Praying For Alex Smith's Family

Few NFL players have sustained a life-threatening leg injury during a game like Alex Smith. 

Smith's fight back and stress fade in comparison to what his beautiful young daughter, Sloane, is going through.

In 2022, Sloane, 7, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Elizabeth, his wife, spotted Sloane slurring and not using her right arm one night. She was transported to the hospital.

Since the tumor was cancerous, Sloane has had many surgeries in the year since. The Smith family is living brain scan to brain scan, bracing for the worse and praying for the best.

“It’s different when it’s your little kid and you’re helpless with how terrible it is," Smith told the NYT. The NFL prays for the Smith family's daughter's success.

We live in a fallen world. I pray for him "fan wrote.

"Sorry, guy. Not a child should go through that. No father should see it. I'll pray for her and you. God bless her "fan added.

I hope his daughter beats her illness. Cancer stinks, especially for youngsters "fan added.

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