NFL Fans React To Cowboys Dominating The Giants

Danny Dimes, on the other hand...not so much.

The New York Giants quarterback led his team to a rout of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

On Sunday evening, Daniel Jones and the Giants are down 26-0 to the Cowboys.

Jones and the Giants offense had a poor showing on Sunday night. NFL fans are dissatisfied.

"It could be worse for Bears fans." "You could be the Giants who gave Danny Dimes a contract with a $47 million cap hit in 2024 and a dead cap number of $22 million in 2025," one fan said.

"There is a defensive and special teams touchdown allowed." 

"I see a masterclass in possession by one of the wealthiest athletes in football history, Danny Dimes," one fan wrote.

"Giants fans must be hating Danny Dimes' contract right now."

Offense appears to be effing terrible! "Against the Cowboys D line, the offensive line is s--t," one fan commented.

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