NFL Fans React To Derek Carr's Appearance In Viral Photo

New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr looks new in NOLA.

Since last night, a photo of Carr looking shredded during practice has gone viral.

We knew he had an NFL-quality arm, but he looks like a bodybuilder without sleeves.

Carr plays his first year with the Saints after nine years with the Raiders. 

Reuniting with former head coach Dennis Allen, the Saints signed him to a four-year, $150 million contract.

This shot has entertained fans since its release. Derek Carr isn't the first in his family to have a great training camp body. 

His older brother David Carr ran shirtless in the rain during the 2012 preseason and looked fit.

The Carr brothers know how to maximize gym gains. But this Saints team needs more than gym reps to win. Hopefully Carr can handle it.

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