NFL icon Joe Montana shares his 'best' quarterback of all time.

The greatest NFL quarterback debate usually involves Joe Montana and Tom Brady. 

Montana retired after the 1994 season with four Super Bowl wins and was considered the best at the position. 

Brady, with seven rings, is now regarded the GOAT as the league enters its first season without him since 1999.

 In a recent "Men's Health." interview, Montana dubbed another quarterback the "best QB" ever. 

Montana calls Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino the "best" of all time despite his 17 seasons without a championship.

"He released quickly. To generate enough force on the ball, I had to do a lot of things "Marino explains Montana.

 "He had the perfect upper body torque and strength to deliver the ball quickly and accurately."

"The Men's Health article distinguishes between the greatest QB, who "typically refers to career achievements," and the finest QB, who has "individual talent." 

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