NFL Makes Its Final Colin Kaepernick Decision

There has never been a better time for an NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick than right now. 

Aaron Rodgers suffered a probable season-ending Achilles injury in the season opener for the Jets, leaving them with Zach Wilson for the remainder of the season.

Kaepernick has been training with the aim of returning to the League one day. However, the Jets reportedly have no interest in assisting his return.

It is unfortunate that this is still a story. Nevertheless, Kaepernick's camp maintains that he remains intrigued.

Regardless, this effectively ends Kaepernick's attempt at a recovery. It's ended. "It has been quite some time since Kap was even marginally a viable option.

Nate Peterman has had multiple jobs, so if the NFL desired his return, he would have returned swiftly. "It was over once they made the decision to Curt Flood him," said one devotee.

The Jets are currently cruising with Wilson. Let's put an end to this never-ending Kaepernick revival story in the meantime.

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