NFL Network suspends Michael Irvin.

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin remains suspended by NFL Network five months after his suspension began.

A.J. Perez of says Irvin's status is unchanged.

The league-owned network abruptly suspended Irvin in February after a hotel staffer reported he misbehaved during Super Bowl week. 

The charges are strongly denied by Irvin. Despite many lawsuits against Marriott, he has never accused the NFL of misconduct.

The surveillance footage shows no physical abuse. The worker says Irvin told her inappropriate things.

The longer his suspension, the more noticeable his lack of league allegations. If he thinks the Marriott employee lied about him, he thinks the NFL acted improperly.

Still, the league must do more than squat on suspensions. Rehire or fire him to find work. This indefinite limbo seems wrong.

Either Irvin did anything to warrant his firing or not. Regardless, the situation must cease. If not, Irvin must force the issue.

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