$300 million failure of Indiana Jones 5 means that Harrison Ford's three franchise exits were all box office flops.

– Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny disappoints at the box office, continuing the trend of underwhelming character exits for Harrison Ford.

– Despite previous definitive endings, a fifth Indiana Jones movie attempts another heartwarming farewell.

– The 2023 movie surpasses its budget with $310 million worldwide but falls short of the franchise's box office success.

– With an inflated budget of up to $400 million, Dial of Destiny is unlikely to break even, leading to disappointment.

Similar to Ford's other iconic characters, the final farewell struggles to meet audience expectations or faces critical failure.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull featured definitive endings for the character.

The latest movie's ending is an improvement on the previous installment but lacks a sense of enthusiasm or concern.

Despite the disappointing box office, the movie manages to cross the $310 million mark worldwide.

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