NFL world reacts to Bengals fan’s disgusting Joe Burrow offer

Long-term couples wanting to reignite the passion in the bedroom is an age-old narrative.

However, one Cincinnati Bengals fan made headlines on Reddit when he recounted his efforts to spice up his relationship.

"Little backstory, my wife and I have been together for 8 years, married for 4, and our sex life has always been good but recently has gone stagnant," explained 29-year-old Reddit user samhammers112.

"We've been trying to spice things up for a few months, and in the midst of that, she buys me a Joe Burrow jersey, so I took that as a hint."

I already had blonde hair, so I slicked it back and shaved my goatee, 

slapped on the jersey and my full-size Bengals replica helmet, and got ready to go; I even requested her to call me Joe 'Burr.'

"She hasn't spoken to me in three days; how can I save my marriage?"

While it's very possible that samhammers112 made up the incident altogether, the subreddit (and subsequent social media audience) treated it as if it were true.

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