NFL world reacts to Tom Brady news

When Tom Brady decided to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL franchise, it was unknown how active his position would be with the team,

as Brady himself seemed to hint that he would have a "very passive role." But, based on his performance in Saturday's preseason game, that may not be the case.

Tom Brady was in attendance and appeared to be playing an active part with the Las Vegas Raiders during Saturday's preseason finale against the Dallas Cowboys. 

He mingled on the field before the game, visited with some supporters on the sideline, and was with the team's quarterbacks in the locker room before the game,

even leaving a message for them before they hit the field.

"Go ruin their night," Brady was heard ordering quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo, Aidan O'Connell, Chase Garbers, and Brian Hoyer as they approached the field on Saturday.

While Brady will not be playing on the field this season, it is apparent 

that he will be around the game and is now very much associated with the Las Vegas Raiders, and the NFL world had much to say about that news on social media.

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