On September 6, 2023, these three zodiac signs finally overcome self-doubt.

Constantly second-guessing ourselves may be a major disappointment on September 6, 2023.

We may feel like we're solving the universe's enigma, and the grandness of our notion motivates us to grow, but that nagging thought keeps coming up: 'What if I'm wrong?'

Today is for 'What if I'm wrong?' The transit Moon square Mercury inspires us to keep looking while making us doubt ourselves. Want to catch 22?

Moon square Mercury makes us smart and knowledgeable. Still, we are hyper-critical, but today we are mostly critical of ourselves and our actions. 

We feel like we're about to find something spectacular, but self-doubt prevents us from winning. We fail ourselves before we advance because we're caught in our brains. 

You're on a roll today and feel like you're close to finishing something you've been working on for months. You love excellence and become a creative genius when you start. 

1. Gemini

Moon square Mercury on September 6, 2023, will make you more critical than normal, and you'll be irrationally critical of yourself. Like you won't believe in your potential.

2. Scorpio

On September 6, 2023, you may feel too compassionate and like you can't do enough for someone. This feeling flows out to health workers, and during Moon square Mercury.

3. Pisces