once a slew of recent scandals, Ja Morant teases a redemption arc for next season

Since his Instagram Live incident in May of this year, Grizzlies standout Ja Morant has kept his head down. 

After strangely brandishing a gun on tape (for the second time in his career),

the teenage point guard was given a 25-game suspension that will begin next season.

Morant showed off some intriguing clothing at a summer training photoshoot on social media last week, 

 Indicating that he is taking his predicament seriously. The phrases "rebirth,"

gratitude," and "accountability" are undoubtedly associated with his current circumstances. 

 Ja has lost many of his devoted followers as a result of his numerous blunders, and he faces an uphill battle to regain the love of the NBA fanbase.

Morant's road to atonement begins with a comprehensive "rebirth,"

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