Nail trends 2023: the latest shades and designs to have on your radar

This year has already produced a plethora of stunning nail designs. White nail designs have become the minimalist style of choice. 

Cobalt blue and Barbicore pink are the 'it' colors to attempt now for the daring. In addition,

new techniques such as BIAB nails, polygel nails, and dip powder nails have emerged. 

 Looking ahead to summer manicure designs in 2023, expect to see more metallics, barely-there glossed nails, neon brights, and mermaid nail art.

Other hot trends this season include adorned nails with diamonds, pearls, and even piercings.

Oh, and TikTok's 'clean girl' makeup look will make its way onto our hands (hello, healthy and subtle Bio Sculpture nails). 

Here, we break down the top nail trends to know in 2023, as predicted by experts.

We recommend bookmarking this page so you may save your favorite styles for your next manicure. 

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