Raiders Tried Hard to Get 6-foot-3 WR to Sign $3.9 Million Deal

The Las Vegas Raiders have a deep wide receiver room, but it is lacking in size. Jakobi Meyers is the tallest receiver at 6-foot-2, but they have three 5-foot-10 or less wide receivers.

According to Bleacher Report, if the Raiders feel they need more size, they should look into Austin Watkins Jr. Kristopher Knox proposed stealing

Watkins from the Cleveland Browns practice squad and signing him to a $3.9 million contract.

"Las Vegas has a strong receiving trio in Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow, and Jakobi Meyers," Knox wrote in a September 4 column.

 "However, Adams will turn 31 in December, and Renfrow is coming off an injury-plagued season." 

"Watkins could contribute as a fourth or fifth receiver while also giving the Raiders a potential future starter."

Of course, the Raiders would have to pray that Cleveland would not match such offer. 

Making a push at Watkins, on the other hand, is exactly the type of chance a reloading team like Las Vegas should take."

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