Reasons For Weight Gain & Tips To Manage It Effectively

There are numerous different causes that might lead to weight increase. You could very well be perplexed as to how this came about,

particularly if you keep a close eye on your weight. Putting on extra pounds can be caused by a number of different things,

Including becoming older, having certain medical issues, the negative effects of some medications,

leading a sedentary lifestyle, and not getting enough sleep. This essay is for you if you have already explored these reasons but

still unsure how you have put extra pounds to your body despite your best efforts.

.According to the World Health Organization, energy imbalances are the primary contributor to weight gain (1).

These imbalances occur when the number of calories taken is more than the number of calories expended.

This article provides a list of twenty different causes of weight gain as well as advice on how to properly manage the condition.


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