Popular Cat Breeds to Get Adopted

It's no surprise that the American bobtail has been searched over 75,000 times on Petfinder.com. People love this breed for its intelligent and loving personalities — they can even be leash-trained!

Now the tortoiseshell is a specific type of coat color, not a breed per se, but over 75,000 people looked to adopt a tortoiseshell cat

They may have some white on their paws or chest, but the white is not all over like on a calico. Tortoiseshells can be a variety of breeds or mixes, and long-, medium- or shorthaired.


The Persian cat breed is the most popular purebred cat in the U.S and sixth in popularity in the U.K. Since exotics are Persians with short hair

The Oriental looks a lot like the Siamese breed but with many more colors and patterns, which is why people who like the look of a Siamese but want more color often choose the Oriental.

Burmese are known for their four rich coat colors — sable, champagne, platinum and blue — as well as their affection for people.

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