Signature of Your Zodiac? Astrologer Discusses Latest TikTok Term

TikTok's latest astrological craze, a zodiac signature, proves that there's always something new to learn about astrology's

beautiful and complicated world. What is a zodiac signature? Why is it everywhere on TikTok?

Astrologers on the social media platform say your sun and rising signs aren't the only birth chart factors that define you.

It appears to be your zodiac sign. Some astrologers claim your zodiac signature,

which is the average of all your planets, tells more about your personality than anything else.

The horoscope section shows your solar sign in astrology. It's your true self and most recognizable traits. However,

your rising sign shows the world your enthusiasm. Two of your main three signs,

which summarize your personality, are these. According to TikTok astrologers, you should also consider your birth chart mean.

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