Signs of Chewing Nails: Does chewing nails bring poverty into the home? Understand what the texts say

Many of you probably bite your nails. Biting nails is bad for health, but astrology and religion say it harms the person, his home, and family. Tell us why from astrologer Dr. Radhakant Vats.

Astrology says biting nails harms planets in the horoscope. Planets are blamed, disturbed, and your horoscope's planetary lord falls.

Planetary disturbances make every work difficult. The task becomes confusing.

Business declines and family strife begins. Negativity takes over. Honor and respect are also deeply hurt. Personality is spoiled. Nail biting most affects the Sun, causing personality defects.

Astrology also holds that biting nails ends Goddess Lakshmi's house residence. By chewing nails, the dirt of the hands passes into the stomach, which raises the risk of stomach infection.

Repeated nail-biting diminishes the ability of nails to develop. Nail texture worsens.

By chewing nails, not only the stomach but also various problems associated to the mouth are surrounding which are lethal. People who have the tendency of chewing their nails displays the volatility of their nature.

Biting one's nails is also a sign of great ambition.

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