Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

To be fair, the underlying cause of digestion problems can be hard to pinpoint. Because dogs don’t usually eat like humans do, digestive issues could signify almost anything.

Aggression is a major issue no matter what, but if it seems to be directed toward a particular person or animal, it may be best to remove the cause until a better solution can be reached.

this is a heartbreaking side effect for any pet parent to see their animals exhibit, but the importance of aggression in an animal who hasn’t otherwise shown it before cannot be overlooked.


You might hear some people say that dogs are unpredictable because they can’t communicate with their human family.

Ears, eyes, and position of the tail are key factors for interpreting your dog’s state of mind and are just as important for determining whether or not your dog is stressed.

Going potty in the house when your dog is already housetrained can be another major sign of a stressed animal. Once or twice may not be a big deal, but if it becomes a habit,

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