Skip Bayless is left speechless with the new 'Undisputed'

If this is the new 'Undisputed,' its creator may have to spend more time fighting to be heard than he anticipated.

After a lengthy break, the FS1 show returned with not one, but three new hosts joining Skip Bayless on his never-ending quest to rile up the viewers with heated takes

Former NFL stars Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin - all of whom have five Super Bowl rings and a slew of individual honors - took to the 

"Undisputed" set for the first time with Bayless, who formerly patrolled the locker rooms with them as an NFL reporter.

Instead of just Bayless and a single co-host bantering about what happened in sports the night before

there were now multiple voices to give their knowledge and thoughts on Monday. The regular set appeared

 to have gotten a little more packed, both literally and metaphorically, during the unexpected summer break.

The extra chairs and boisterous personalities made for an interesting sight during one of the four men's first contacts as they discussed the San Francisco 49ers' decision to trade their previous first-round selection

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