Soccer Players By Zodiac Sign

Since no two soccer players are ever the same, your zodiac sign may provide some insight into what makes you unique.

You can learn more about your playing style and personality on the field by learning what kind of player your zodiac sign is.

Who knows, you might even become aware of certain similarities between yourself and your favorite player.

You have a strong will and are determined as an Aries. You are a natural born leader who doesn't hesitate to assert yourself on the playing field. You have a propensity for impatience,

so you can become irritated if the game's tempo doesn't quicken. But you're an optimist, and you never lose interest in the game.

You are dependable, committed, and patient if you are a Taurus. You will always give 100 percent to every game for your teammates.

However, occasionally you have a tendency to be obstinate, making it challenging for you to adjust to playing a different position.

However, your steady disposition enables you to make wise choices while playing the game.

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