South Carolina permits a touchdown despite having 13 men on the field.

Anything more than 11 players on the field is a five-yard penalty in football.

The Gamecocks utilized 13 players on Saturday night, a daring move.

It was likely a total accident. Many defensive players were confused.At least they had a two-man edge inside the five-yard line. 

The worst that could have happened was that UNC would have been half the goal line when South Carolina stopped them, right?

UNC running back Omarion Hampton scored a one-yard touchdown with 13 players.

Five Gamecocks lined up at the line of scrimmage, while eight played behind. Hampton scored to open the Duke's Mayo Classic.

To make matters worse, South Carolina was penalized for too many personnel on the field. The Tar Heels declined.

Hampton's second score of the night opened the second half.

The uncomfortable moment foreshadowed future events. 

 The Tar Heels led by three points at halftime, but they scored two consecutive touchdowns to establish a three-possession lead in the third quarter.

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