Starbucks reveals ordering based on your zodiac sign

It's possible that your next order at Starbucks is already predetermined.

The world's largest coffee company has introduced a new feature called Starbucks Star Signs,

which is a collaboration with the astrology app Sanctuary and allows customers to customize their drink orders based on their zodiac signs.

Users of the new Starbucks Star Signs website are prompted to select their astrological sign and 

 indicate whether they like a beverage in the morning or in the afternoon before receiving a suggestion for the beverage that is best suited to them. 

In addition to the big secret about the beverage, each sign will also learn its own "power words," spring color, and flower.A Caramel Macchiato was

recommended for Aries morning drinkers, a Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew 

was recommended for Scorpio afternoon drinkers, and a Passion Tango Tea Lemonade was recommended for Virgo afternoon drinkers. 

These are just some of the numerous options that were generated by the website.

At the very end of the reading, there will be a choice to place an order for the beverage.

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