Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has a six-word message for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN is enraged at Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Garoppolo recently spoke with reporters on the 49ers' decision to trade Trey Lance to the Cowboys. 

In doing so, he was harsh in his criticism of the Niners' front office over the years.

"Weird situation," remarked Garoppolo. "There have been a lot of strange situations over there in San Francisco."

Simply leave it at that. But you know I'm glad Trey is getting another chance."

It's a valid point. In previous years, the 49ers have played musical chairs at the position. 

 They've finally landed on Brock Purdy, but it was once Garoppolo's job. With being stated, Smith believes Garoppolo should keep his lips shut.

"From my perspective, Jimmy Garoppolo needs to shut up," Smith stated. He is not mistaken. 

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