Stukenholtz: The Football Gift

You might mistake this vibe for another holiday on the eve of Matt Rhule's arrival in Minneapolis today.

This morning, did you feel like Christmas? You want to rush to the living room to see what Santa placed beneath the tree? Were you excited to open presents?

I get Christmas vibes every football season. I hope you do. There's nothing like the pleasure, hope, and nearly relief of the big day.

But what happens as you age? With 40 in your face, like me. After seeing several Christmases. 

They feel different, no? Emotions change when you become the parent who gives gifts instead of receiving them. 

 And organizing gifts and juggling the travel calendar with several parents' and grandparents' places can be tedious.

It's Christmas morning, but like your middle school Christmas. You got that gaming system a year or two ago, have a lot of stuff, and really want to get a car and travel with your pals.

Fans who recall the national championships have experienced the biggest highs. 

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