Taurus to Cancer: 5 Zodiac Signs Who Tend to Smell Great

Diane Ackerman observed, "Nothing is more memorable than a smell." An unexpected, ephemeral aroma can recall

a childhood summer by a highland lake or a moonlit beach. Smells explode in our memories like poignant land mines hidden under years of weeds.”

Thus, certain star signs take great care to maintain their aroma, whether through perfumes or other means.

They take pride in their grace and elegance. Their charm comes from a combination of fragrance and charisma, not just appearance.

Cancerians love flowers and self-care, emitting a pleasant perfume. Body washes and natural cures are their preference.

This can be a coffee and sugar scrub or turmeric, honey, and yogurt scrub for regular cleansing.

Such self-care soothes and gives them a subtle scent. They pick earthy scents for store-bought things to satisfy their craving for authenticity and meaningful connections.

These crabs love warm, resinous amber. They also prefer to try earthy, exotic flavors.

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