The 5 Best Weightlifting Apps to Help You Gain Muscle

Tracking your workouts is tricky, especially when you're attempting something new.

You might be weightlifting for the first time! Dumbbells are terrifying, right? Tracking your weights, reps, and sets can be intimidating,

but there are several wonderful weightlifting applications that can aid you and motivate you to increase strength.

In a study of Spanish athletes, researchers found that drinking watermelon juice helps reduce muscle soreness after a run.

Few apps log weightlifting workouts better than StrongLifts.

One of the greatest weight lifting monitors since 2011. StrongLifts' simplicity and use make it beneficial. 

 Instead of tracking and planning your development, StrongLifts does it. Why do so many people enjoy this app? It lets you focus on lifting while it does the rest!