The astrological forecast for the week of September 3rd to September 9th is as follows:

Virgo Always buried in your feelings. However, this love quest has given you what you need to complete your heart. You want off love's merry-go-round after months of riding it. You are the only one who can jump.

Libra You're having trouble choosing a major this early in the semester or aren't sure you've chosen the right one. College is great since you don't have to pick a major right immediately. Attend some interesting classes. Talk to instructors. 

Scorpio Your team isn't paying enough attention to you, which makes you think they're not buddies. The truth is that they are busy doing their own thing and living their best lives. 

Sagittarius You occasionally want more freedom. This suggests you like to sometimes do your own thing away from your friends. Your boo and friends may take it personally, so explain that you are a free spirit and invite them to join you (if they dare).

Capricorn Your social life is blossoming this week, leaving little time for schoolwork. As a structure-loving person, balancing both will be difficult. 

Aquarius: Your unique personality is always admired, so you'll be on high alert when individuals attack you for being yourself. Nobody should make you feel awful about being yourself. 

Pisces: The best time of the year is when you can sign up for heart- and spirit-filling extracurriculars. Try a photography club or work with peers on the year book to spark your creativity.

Aries: There are too many ways to leverage your popularity for good this school year. Before committing to a project, study the cause and people you're trusting to protect your reputation. You shouldn't align with shady people for convenience. 

Taurus When angry, you see red and go from 0 to 100 in seconds. The sudden change in your personality can confuse individuals who know your calmness. This week, you'll feel good, horrible, and ugly, so find your calm before losing your temper.

Gemini After flirting all summer without committing, this week is forcing you to make big love decisions. Unfortunately for them, this could split you and your temporary boo. 

Cancer You don't have to dominate those you care about to get your way. Step back and let go of controlling people instead of acting out. It will also reduce your anxiety and give you a new perspective. 

Leo Cosmic energy this week is helping you get out of a funk. As your confidence grows, you can accomplish anything. Feeling on top of the world makes it easy to fall into old habits. 

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