The Best Sandwich For Your Astrological Sign

There are few things more telling of who you truly are than your star sign... and your sandwich go-to.

Seriously. Sandwiches are infinitely adjustable, offering everyone a deeply personal fave. And while the possibilities of vessels and fillings are unlimited,

there are some combinations that we are driven to, as it turns out, in a cosmic way. 

There’s a reason some of us opt for the finely constructed bite of a cucumber sandwich and some of us dive head first into a mustard-drenched bologna sub. 

I mean, aside the fact that cukes are one of the most refreshing things on this planet

and bright yellow mustard (hello, French’s!) occupies a highly special, incredibly nostalgic place in a lot of our hearts.

All this to say? Tell me your star sign and I can probe deeply into your soul and provide a “deeply scientific” and

extremely correct analysis of how your sign’s characteristic traits transfer into sandwich form.

 (In other words, don’t be surprised if your longstanding fave sandwich gets called out, or if this helps you discover The One.)

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