The Four Most Self-Controlled Zodiacs

Nowadays, distractions are common. Due to light-speed information bombardment, attention spans are decreasing. This makes self-discipline unusual. People get a little lazier every year.

Self-demanding zodiac signs know what they want, plan how to achieve it, and stick to it until they succeed

 Like every other human, they are prone to temptation, but they are also the most likely to push away from the dinner table after they’ve had their fill, resist the amorous advances of someone who’s trying to make them cheat on their lovers

Aquarians are air signs and multitask brilliantly. They seem to multitask 1,000 jobs at once. Saturn, the planet of effort, rules them. Because of their fixed modality

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, pragmatism, and learning, rules Capricorn and Aquarius. As an earth sign, they are realistic, rational, and solution-oriented. They are also mutable, so they don't stick to a failed plan

Sun-ruled Leos have unrivaled willpower. Since they are fixed, they can persevere and keep their sights on the prize when things get rough. Leos, fire signs, are aggressive and inventive risk-takers

As earth signs, Virgos are trustworthy and problem-solvers. The cardinal modality is self-starters by nature. Mercury-ruled people are curious and adaptable. They can change their plans and aren't so strict that they blindly follow a regimen.

They're like the character in classic movies with an angel advising them to do the right thing and a devil whispering in their ear to lead them wrong.