The Most Popular Zodiac Signs Ranked

The zodiac signs have been listed today from least to most popular. Ever ponder why some people seem to be able to draw others

to them while others only have a limited circle of close friends? Well, the stars may hold the key to the solution.

Being popular is intriguing. Not everyone who is popular is the nicest, most attractive, or most gifted person.

It only indicates that others think highly of you. People gravitate toward you. They appreciate your company and want to be near you.

Additionally, popularity is not the end all be all. A person is not necessarily content

or contented just because they are well-liked. Some people decide to have fewer friends because they value their relationships

When it comes to popularity, there is no right or wrong response. It's only a question of taste.

While some people enjoy being the center of attention, others would rather blend in.

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