The New Moon in September will completely bless three zodiac signs.

New moons have a way of inspiring us to prepare and arrange, and since six planets are now in retrograde, we'll take all the help we can get. 

On September 14, 2023, at 9:40 p.m. ET (6:40 p.m. PT), the September new moon rises in detail-oriented Virgo, briefly lending us the earth sign's analytical edge.

 This lunation may feel stressful in terms of logistics, but for the three zodiac signs least influenced by September's new moon,

it will be a tranquil time to rest more than anything else. Spend less time preparing and more time maintaining yourself.

Virgo is the earth sign's mutable sign, endowing us with the ability to adapt

This will allow you to bob and weave your way through all of retrograde season's curveballs, of which there will be plenty. 

Aries, put on your best bathrobe and face mask because this new moon is all about self-care for you. 


Gemini, the new moon has filled your heart with joy! When things get tough during the heated retrograde season, Altruistic Virgo reminds you that you may count on your inner group.


Virgo, all eyes are on you right now! In addition to enjoying the season, take time to reflect on all of your accomplishments over the last year. "Right now is the time to reap the rewards," Quinn adds. 


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